Universal summer wardrobe: white sneakers – your move

Sneakers – for a long time not only for running and training. Now, simply there is no clothing with which they could not be combined.

The ancestors of the sneakers are lightweight canvas shoes with rubber soles, approximately the same ones that one of the most charming Nabokov’s heroes Timofey Pnin put in a washing machine (“one Sunday, when he discovered that he was alone at home, he could not resist purely scientific curiosity fed a mighty machine to a couple of rubber-soled canvas shoes stained with clay and greens ”). It’s funny that Nabokov, who wrote this novel in the 1950s, apparently didn’t keep up with the modern language a bit. In the original work, written in English, this pair appears precisely as “canvas shoes”, despite the fact that the word “sneakers” was already in full use in the United States since the 1920s.

The history of sneakers is tightly connected with several brands: Adidas (and its famous Superstar model, which appeared in 1969), Converse and Nike. Everything is as always: at first, these shoes are used exclusively for sports, but gradually penetrate into everyday life. Now, sneakers are perhaps the most self-sufficient and versatile of all types of shoes: there is no clothing with which they could not be worn.


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