Now officially: yoga and meditation help deal with stress.

Scientists from the USA and the Netherlands conducted an important study – they studied how yoga and meditation affect the human brain. It turned out that both exercises change the structure of the brain and help to cope with stress.

How was the study? In total, the experiment involved 15,000 people, 3,700 of whom are engaged in yoga and meditation. Those participants in the experiment who prefer yoga and meditation, noted that in their life there is a fairly high level of stress. But regular classes help them deal with this. Now these are not just words – scientists were able to prove that yoga and meditation really positively affect a person’s life.

In addition to questionnaires and stories about their lifestyle, the subjects underwent an MRI procedure. Some participants in the experiment did an MRI more than once during the study period. Thanks to this, scientists discovered important changes in the structure of the brain – for those who spend a lot of time meditating and yoga, the right amygdala (amygdala) differed in size. This part of the brain is responsible for negative emotions and instant reactions. For those whose leisure is associated with yoga and meditation, the amygdala was smaller in size or decreased over time. The left hippocampus was also reduced – the part of the brain that is responsible for the formation of emotions, memory, allows navigation in space and holds attention.

In general, solid pluses. And this is another reason to allocate time for yoga and meditation on the fast-paced weekend!

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