Kiev topped the ranking of budget tourist cities in Europe

In the ranking of the German travel company Travelcircus, Kiev took a leading position among the 10 most budgetary European cities for travel in 2019.

“In the capital of Ukraine, two nights in a three-star hotel will cost only 36 euros. Beer and cappuccino cost less than 1 euro. To spend a weekend in Kiev will cost no more than 250 euros (for two), ”says the German publication InStyle. The drafters of the rating did not forget to warn future tourists about the many churches with golden domes, so that “the city looks like a magnificent fairy-tale country.”

In second place was Krakow, in third – Warsaw. The fourth line of the ranking is occupied by the capital of Serbia – Belgrade, and the fifth is the capital of Hungary – Budapest. Oddly enough, but the list also included German Hamburg, where the cost of a weekend for two is about 355 euros.

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