Mexican perch: cook in foil in just 25 minutes!

In front of you is a delicious Mexican fish. Prepares quickly, delivers a lot of thrills. Ideally, this dish is cooked on the grill with the lid closed (temperature 230 ° C), but an ordinary oven will not spoil your perch.

What do you need
(for 4 servings)

4 pieces of fillet of sea bass per 120-150 g each (can be replaced with another white fish – cod, halibut)
500 g of cherry tomatoes
60 g pitted olives (how to extract the seeds, we tell in the block on the left)
2 tbsp. l capers
2–4 pickled jalapenos
1 handful of finely chopped parsley or cilantro
single lime juice
60 ml olive oil
salt to taste

What to do
Minutes 0-5 | do salsa
Turn on the oven – to warm up to 230 ° C – and do this yourself. Sliced ​​olives, capers, sliced ​​into quarters of cherry, sliced ​​in jalapenos, parsley (cilantro), lime juice and olive oil, throw in a bowl and mix well.

Minutes 6-15 | make envelopes
Take four large pieces of foil, bend each in half, then straighten it back. Put perch fillet on one half, salt and garnish each piece with the fourth part of the mixture from the bowl. Cover the fish with the second half of the foil and rot the edges so that the sauce does not flow out.

Minutes 16–25 | cook fish
Send the sealed perch into the hot oven on the grill. 8-10 minutes is enough for the fish to bake. Open envelopes just before you eat their contents.

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