How to transition your summer wardrobe into autumn

If you’re anything like us, you’re still in denial that fall is upon us. Saying goodbye to the sunshine and preparing for those darker and colder days can be difficult not only for ourselves, but for our wardrobe. As much as we love all things layering, pumpkin spice lattes, knee high booties and cosy knitted […]Read More

America’s 5 Most Popular and Beloved Desserts

For many people it’s their favorite part of the meal. The word dessert comes from the French word desservir – meaning to clear away. In this case, clear away the table and make room for something sweet to eat. You might be able to name them yourself. You might have the order a little bit […]Read More

Universal summer wardrobe: white sneakers – your move

Sneakers – for a long time not only for running and training. Now, simply there is no clothing with which they could not be combined. The ancestors of the sneakers are lightweight canvas shoes with rubber soles, approximately the same ones that one of the most charming Nabokov’s heroes Timofey Pnin put in a washing […]Read More

The most unpopular (but beautiful) places for tourism

Amateur Photographer, a publication for amateur photographers, asked its readers to share their findings and talk about the most interesting and unforgettable places to travel. Based on readers’ stories, Amateur Photographer ranked the most unpopular, but unrealistically beautiful places for tourism. Top 20 unusual directions according to Amateur Photographer looks like this: Aland Islands (Finland) […]Read More

Now officially: yoga and meditation help deal with stress.

Scientists from the USA and the Netherlands conducted an important study – they studied how yoga and meditation affect the human brain. It turned out that both exercises change the structure of the brain and help to cope with stress. How was the study? In total, the experiment involved 15,000 people, 3,700 of whom are […]Read More

How to survive a crisis period in a relationship

Marriage is not only photo shoots with fabulous scenery and walks under the moon. This is a mutual work for which gratitude is love, peace and harmony in the family. If there are problems in the relationship, they should not be left to chance, as the result may be a divorce. Long marriage is not […]Read More

Favorite bars: where did Freud, Hemingway, Voltaire and others go

It was the bars and cafes that were the favorite haven of writers who went there in search of the next dose of inspiration, just chatting in a friendly atmosphere or watching visitors, making some of them prototypes of the heroes of their books. Inspired by the atmosphere of their favorite places, writers displayed them […]Read More

Kiev topped the ranking of budget tourist cities in Europe

In the ranking of the German travel company Travelcircus, Kiev took a leading position among the 10 most budgetary European cities for travel in 2019. “In the capital of Ukraine, two nights in a three-star hotel will cost only 36 euros. Beer and cappuccino cost less than 1 euro. To spend a weekend in Kiev […]Read More

Ten things that break any relationship

Everyone wants their relationship to be long and happy. But this is not always the case. There are a number of things that even the strongest couples break, and sometimes we don’t even notice that they destroy love and trust. In this article we will talk about these phenomena and how to resist them. The […]Read More

The best homemade lemonade recipes

Now is the time to adopt some simple lemonade recipes to cook and enjoy them on hot summer days. Since childhood, many of us have been familiar with the effervescent aromatic drink – lemonade. Indeed, it is very pleasant and useful to drink a glass of cool drink on a hot summer day. Today, shops […]Read More